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Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 7.21.09 PMPhoto by Walter Wlodarczyk


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The Transcribed Koyaanisqatsi (2020), single-channel digital video
A supercut by algorithm, a machine-generated futurist poem. Godfrey Reggio’s 1982 dialogue-less film (scored by Phillip Glass) processed through the speech-to-text function of a popular online video platform. Watch on Vimeo.


avail this offer (2020), single-channel digital video
A brief, forensic investigation into the tactics of predatory capitalism and synthetic media generation.


T A R T A M U D E O (2019), single-channel digital video
T A R T A M U D E O–a Spanish word for “stutter”–traces the connections between language, trauma, and cultural memory in a Cuban-American family. Assembled from archival fragments–home movies, educational films about stuttering, anti-Communist propaganda–and refracted through methods of analog and digital synthesis, the short video explores a shared loss of language between two generations–one spurned by violent revolution, the other by speech impediment. In English and Spanish w/ English and Spanish subtitles.


Eyewall: Case Study for Hyperobject (2019), 3-screen expanded cinema performance
Remixing archival footage of Miami in the wake of Hurricane Andrew, contemporary weather coverage, real estate virtual tours, and the writings of philosopher Timothy Morton, Eyewall interrogates the psychic legacy of hurricanes on one of the most ecologically vulnerable cities in the world.
Commissioned by WDNA in Miami, FL. Watch on Vimeo


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Music video for Faces (2019) commissioned by Tallahassee-based punk band, Deadenders
Watch on YouTube


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Clavilux 16mm and video projector performance, Action Research #176, Gainesville, FL (2017)
Watch on YouTube


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Clavilux multi 16mm projector performance, International Noise Conference (2017).
Watch on YouTube


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Clavilux 16mm projector performance, International Noise Conference (2016). Watch on YouTube.


Four Mountains for Peter (2016), Unslit B&W 8mm film
Shot in the mountains of Colorado, a short landscape film made as a loving tribute to the late filmmaker Peter Hutton. Exhibited as part of A Roll for Peter.


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Flan / Yeldham
(2015), B&W 8mm film transferred to digital
Live performances of Bobby Flan & Justice Yeldham recorded in Miami, FL. Watch on Vimeo.

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